100% Recycled Molded Fiber Packaging

Sustainable Protective Packaging Solutions

Short runs, no problem

Custom molded pulp packaging to suit your needs

Larger molding size than other pulp manufacturers

Designed and tooled in-house

Custom Molded Fiber Packaging Applications

Advanced Paper Forming: molded fiber packaging manufacturer Industrial

Ensure the safety of industrial equipment with molded pulp packaging, offering a secure solution for packaging various products such as tools, machinery parts, and fragile equipment in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Advanced Paper Forming: molded fiber packaging manufacturer Electronics

Secure electronics in transit with molded paper trays and inserts, providing reliable protection for smartphones, tablets, and laptops during shipping.

Advanced Paper Forming: molded fiber packaging manufacturer for bottles
Bottles & Glass

Experience unparalleled protection with our molded fiber solutions, specifically designed to safeguard glass products including wine, spirits, beer, candles, and other glass products.

Advanced Paper Forming: molded fiber packaging manufacturer automotive

Enhance the safety of automotive components with molded fiber packaging, providing reliable protection against scratches and impacts during handling and shipping.

Upgrade Your Packaging With

Sustainable MOLDED PULP

Molded pulp fiber packaging out performs foam, die-cut corrugated, air pillow bags, and other packaging options. Customized to embrace and safeguard your unique products, it takes up less space, reduces transportation costs, and is less expensive than other packaging. Upgrade to our eco-friendly packaging solution today!

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Elevate Your Packaging to New Sustainable Heights

100% Recyclable
Nests to Save Space
Saves on Shipping Costs

Why Choose Advanced Paper Forming

for Your Molded Fiber Packaging?

Since 1996, Advanced Paper Forming has been a leader in innovative packaging solutions. Our packaging is crafted from 100% recycled paper, ensuring biodegradability & recyclability without any artificial dyes or additives. Our company strives to support the local economy while being environmentally conscious.

Short runs starting at 1,000 pieces

Forming size up to 31" x 23" x 6"

In-house design & tooling

Specialize in Type 2 Transfer Molded Fiber Products

Die-cutting and pressing capabilities